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Powerful software for managing LTO tape libraries

Ark Tape provides an integrated solution for easy, energy-efficient backup and archiving of media and projects from our XStream shared storage systems. Designed for EditShare's own LTO-6 tape libraries that can include anywhere from 24 to 560 slots, and also compatible with qualified third-party LTO tape libraries, Ark Tape facilitates creation of any number of "Tape Pools" (groups of tapes) – for example, one for your entire organization, one for each customer or project, or separate pools for on-site and off-site. Easily copy or migrate media and related files from "online" to "offline" storage , verify backed up data, and receive notifications when transfers are completed.

Ark Tape jobs are always "incremental"; this means you can start copying files today, run the same job in the future, and only files that have been changed or added are copied. You always have the option of verifying your Ark Tape job immediately after copying files on tape - to ensure the files can be read back successfully. Alternately, run verification jobs months or years later to check on the integrity of your tapes.

Getting files to Ark Tape is a breeze and so is restoring them when you want them online again. Whenever media files are sent to Ark Tape, a proxy file is automatically created so you can view what's on your LTO tapes in Flow Browse. When you restore from Ark Tape, you can either select the exact files you want to restore using the Flow Browse interface, or you can restore entire EditShare Spaces to the exact state they were in on any date when an Ark Job was run.

XStream STXStream ST

Meet the newest member of the award-winning XStream family. XStream ST meets the capacity and budget needs of smaller production facilities, studios and television stations without sacrificing any of the powerful collaboration features and capabilities for which EditShare storage products are known. Now, there's no reason for even the smallest facility to do without an XStream production storage solution.

XStream HTXStream HT

XStream HT is the collaborative storage solution of choice for production companies, post facilities, OB trucks, news operations and colleges that need powerful media and project sharing plus scalability at a competitive price. XStream HT ships as 16-drive and 24-drive servers which have the same great performance and stream count characteristics, it’s just about your capacity needs. Plus you're in safe hands as all our storage solutions use the industry’s most reliable Enterprise hard disks along with RAID-5 and RAID-6 hardware.


XStream EFS SSD shared storage is built for all facilities facing the challenge of transitioning to 4K content creation, collaboration and delivery. Based on the proven high-performance EditShare File System (EFS), XStream EFS SSD is specifically engineered for bandwidth hungry formats such as uncompressed DPX, DNxHR 444 and ProRes 4444, the mainstay of 4K and Ultra HD post-production, Digital Intermediate (DI), VFX and Finishing projects. It combines Solid State Drives (SSD) with a new architecture to create a flexible platform that scales from a budget-friendly 8TB all the way to 5PB+.

XStream EFS

XStream EFS

EditShare XStream EFS is a powerful distributed scale-out file system developed for media intensive workflows. It's designed from the ground up to support large-scale workgroups requiring high-bandwidth, high-volume media ingest, transcoding, online collaborative editing and multiplatform distribution of HD, 2k, 4k and beyond.
Feature highlights

  • High-performance, low latency storage
  • Choice of 1.5U and 3U storage nodes
  • Scales to many petabytes and hundreds of millions of files
  • Accelerates media workflows – ingest, collaborative editing and playout
  • Ready for Uncompressed 2K, 4K and beyond
  • "Single Namespace" File System expands as storage is added
  • No downtime during expansion
  • Automatic rebalancing of data when new nodes are added
  • Multiple levels of redundancy provide highest levels of data protection
  • Forward-thinking architecture maximizes usable storage

GEEVS ClientGeeve Client

All models of Geevs Server come with the standard Geevs Client software; this multi-purpose software can access all the power of the Geevs video server. This client features a channel based live view interface and includes Quick Record and Playout, Playout of Recording clips, support for markers and metadata along with virtual and real subclip creation from recording or playing clips. Standard Playlist functions support; playout of clips or sequences with Loops, sequences can also be delayed, started at a specific time or triggered, additionally Virtual Tapes for VTR replacement can be created and much more.

Flow LoggerFlow Logger

Flow Logger is a purpose-built application designed specifically for quick and easy one click logging. Whether you're producing sports events or reality shows – or even logging documentary footage – Logger lets you design simple templates with standardized categories, keywords, names and pictures of key characters or players. As the action unfolds, you simply click on the words and pictures that describe what's going on to effortlessly produce a detailed log.

Flow AutomationFlow Automation

Flow Automation adds an additional layer of intelligence to your Flow system. Repetitive tasks like copying, moving, deleting, transcoding and organizing projects or media spaces can be triggered at regular times of day or week or based on user actions. For more processor hungry tasks like transcode you can add Flow Worker Nodes to off load the processes. Using simple drag and drop tools admin users can create their own workflow templates that run on demand. An intuitive schedule display show the jobs created from these templates and allows admin users to change priorities if required.

Air Flowairflow

Create your own private EditShare cloud with AirFlow

It’s a given that media productions now involve multiple collaborators, so sharing content on a daily basis needs to happen securely without regard for facility boundaries or country borders. With current security and reliability of cloud-based technology prohibiting full migration to Cloud storage for production, EditShare AirFlow utilizes on-premise storage already used for high bandwidth workflows to provide secure access to media from anywhere in the world with a basic internet connection.
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 Flow Ingest

Flow Ingest 2aFlow Ingest provides two powerful solutions for getting video and audio materials into the Flow asset management environment – multi-channel baseband HD/SD-SDI ingest plus flexible file-based ingest.

In both cases, ingest is managed through the intuitive Flow Browse interface. Here, users can view raw clips from native XDCAM and P2 cards as well as from DSLR devices. In addition, they can preview video streams from live studio cameras, satellite feeds and VTR devices and then start and stop capture for multiple channels ganged together or each channel individually. Choose the codecs and wrappers you want to ingest in, provide initial metadata to describe what is being captured and even set up schedules for delayed recording.

Flow Ingest never ties up your workstation during the ingest process. The heavy lifting is all handled by dedicated Ingest Servers located elsewhere on the network. Once you begin an ingest, you can close Flow Browse and get back to working inside your NLE or other application. Unless, of course, you want to log your ingest while its happening - in which case, you can watch the preview and create markers, subclips and log entries on the fly.


 Flow Browse

Collaborate and manage media from ingest through to archive

As the main Flow client for managing content, Flow Browse offers quick access to all your media and metadata with proxy files, providing flexible viewing access for all users on a project. Search, browse, view metadata, log, create sub-clips and add markers for a truly collaborative workflow. Organize media into Projects, Folders and Sequences and retrieve archived content from EditShare Ark or other 3rd party storage sources.

For quick editing on the fly, a simple cuts-only editor allows users to create sequences and drag into an NLE for finishing, with the NLE automatically re-linking to the high-resolution media. Markers and other metadata will also transfer into the NLE. Plus for smart asset sharing, Flow Browse provides the ability to import and export metadata from other systems by dragging and dropping xml or csv files.