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axle 2016

Axle 2016The core software of every axle Video product

axle 2016 is the latest edition of axle's award-winning media management software. Simply point axle at the media files you want to manage and it automatically creates low-bandwidth proxies you can then access from any web browser. Using our simple browser interface, it's easy to search, comment, mark, approve, and annotate your assets from any location. There's no need to move your media files or change your system setup. Your storage can be a SAN, a NAS or just a local RAID, and can be running in a Mac, Windows or Linux environment – all axle needs is to be able to read the file system. For optimal system performance, we recommend running axle on one or two dedicated Mac Minis or Mac Pro; all systems must be quad-core or larger. Our new plug-in panel for Adobe Premiere® Pro CC, included with every axle 2016 system, enables editors to search, see previews and begin working on footage without leaving their favorite NLE software.

axle Pulse

Axle PulseThe easiest way to get content from your audience

axle Pulse is a new mobile app that lets broadcasters and brands source immediate, authentic content; their communities are empowered with an easy way to capture share video footage from their smartphones. The system is available either as a complete software/hardware solution for purchase, or as a monthly cloud subscription. It includes a branded app for iPhones as well as Android smartphones, and lets contributors sign up, shoot and upload video. The users can also join a dialogue with the broadcaster or corporate media department which can include requests to capture specific material in exchange for compensation. For breaking news stories, a livestreaming mode is available which turns the smartphone into an immediate on-location asset for the news organization.
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axle Edit

axleEdit 300pxaxle Edit Mobile editing for journalists and producers

Connected field video editing for iPad and iPhone

axle Video, the pioneer in media management solutions that are radically simple to deploy, use, and afford, now offers an end-to-end mobile solutions for journalists and producers. axle Edit adds new capabilities for axle users and anyone wanting to create stories while on location, and do it all from their iPad or iPhone. In conjunction with axle 2015 media management software, videos can be rough-edited quickly in the field, then sent for finishing by an editor or sent directly to air.

Edit local and server-based media

From anywhere in the world, log onto axle 2015 and search material, combine it with footage recorded on your iPad or iPhone, do simple timeline or storyboard editing of video and audio from axle’s bins, and save a sequence locally using H.264 proxy. When the iPad edit is complete, a simple tap sends the project to axle servers where any locally acquired media is cataloged, conformed and associated with the original full resolution media.