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DNA Evolution X200-24

X200 24

DNAevolution is an intelligent archive engine that helps you overcome the challenges of today’s file-based environments, adding new media workflows to one of today’s most trusted storage mediums–LTO tape.


Infinity Series 3
DNAevolution offers the greatest number of tools to select, archive and offload your 4K post assets, including, automated backup and archiving for Avid® and Adobe®, as well as AAF / XML / EDL based archiving. Mixed file size data movement is accelerated by DNAevolution LTO LTFS archiving to enable the fastest possible camera file offloads. When you pair these tools and features with its high performance data movers, DNAevolution delivers the fastest workflow for managing post production assets.

With DNAevolution’s web-based UI, it’s easier to work with archived content, setup jobs, and monitor progress. The enhanced toolset includes:

Work in Low-res, Save time and Storage Costs

Manage 4K Conform Workflows: When you need to finish programs at the highest resolution, DNAevolution can help by making it easy to adopt a conform workflow for 4K. By working in low-res and mastering in high-res, DNAevolution Infinity Series can help you realize significant savings on labor costs, manual processes, and expensive primary storage.
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DNA Sync

DNA Sync
DNA Sync is built on a high performance media synchronization engine designed to make media transfers over any distance and network faster and more secure.

Unlike rsync and other IT based synchronization solutions; DNA Sync is tuned for larger media files. DNA Sync is able to achieve higher data rates using a combination of buffer size tweaking, multi-streaming and other algorithms

DNA Sync clients connect directly to one another in a point-to-point manner without going through any central server bottleneck. This ability enables faster transfers, more flexible deployment and unlimited scalability.

DNA Evolution

DNA Evolution
Linear Tape-Open (LTO) with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) archiving technology is the most cost-effective and reliable long-term storage option for the immense amounts of file-based content generated by media pipelines. This archive medium plays a critical role in managing explosive data growth.

DNA Evolution combines nearline and archive storage directly on LTO tape to offer a dramatically more costeffective infrastructure, with speeds ten times faster than network-based solutions. The only software solution designed specifically for LTFS, DNA Evolution maximizes the “direct access” ability of LTFS for digital workflows never before available. Engineered for media environments, it delivers the fastest data movement,search, restore, and access of your digital file-based content.

With DNA Evolution, you can streamline your media pipeline and build a more cost effective,scalable searchable, and secure archive.