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The Open Interplay Archive

An open, scalable, affordable LTO archive for Avid's Interplay (PAM)

NL Technology together with partner's XenData, a leading provider of LTO archive solutions and axle Video, a browser based asset management system. Provides an Open Standard Archive solution for Avid Interplay.

AutoIngest for Avid

AutoIngest for Avid

A Simple, Reliable, Powerful and Fast
File Based Ingest Solution for Avid Workflows

Annoucing AutoIngest Direct v4.4 with support for Convergent Design's nanoFLASH Recorder and Video on Demand ingest support for services like CBSNewspath. Now the popular nanoFLASH recorder can be ingested directly into Avid's Media Composer or Interplay workgroups. Support for this popular device further broadens the media types supported by AutoIngest Direct. Optionally use this media type with NLT's Media Transcoder to build even more media types for editing or distribution using Avid's dynamic relinking ability.

NLT Nearchive™

NLT Nearchive

Avid customers often find that the size of their online storage is insufficient to keep all of their media assets online at one time...

Nearchive allows clips to be moved to secondary storage while the metadata is kept online in the Avid Interplay database. This allows assets to be searched for using standard Avid tools such as Interplay Access. After the clip has been previously saved to Nearchive in its native Avid format, it can be easily moved back to the Avid storage and relinked to the clip making it "online" and usable by the editing or playout software.